Show Results 2018

Driving Extravaganza  8th April 2018 RESULTS
Dundonald Show  28th April 2018 RESULTS
SWPCA Hi Jinks Show  6th May 2018 RESULTS
Ayr Show 11th May 2018 RESULTS
Fife Show 19th May 2018 RESULTS
BDS Lothian & Borders Area Show, Hopetoun House 26th May 2018 RESULTS
Royal Highland Show 23rd June 2018 RESULTS
Doune & Dumblane Show ​7th July 2018 RESULTS
Wigtown Show ​8th July 2018 RESULTS
Kirriemuir Show 14th July 2018 RESULTS
BDS Scottish Show 28th July 2018  
Perth Show 4th August 2018  
Turriff Show 5th August 2018  
Peebles Show 11th August 2018  
Dumfries & Galloway Area Show 19th August 2018  
BDS Central Area Show 9th September 2018  


Show Results 2017

Driving Extravaganza  9th April 2017

Press Release

Results Sheet

Dundonald Show  29th April 2017 RESULTS
SWPCA Hi Jinks Show  30th May 2017 RESULTS
Ayr Show 12th May 2017 RESULTS
Fife Show 2oth May 2017 RESULTS
BDS Lothian & Borders Area Show, Hopetoun House 27th May 2017 RESULTS
Largs Show 10th June 2017 RESULTS
Royal Highland Show 24th June 2017 RESULTS
Doune & Dumblane Show ​1st July 2017 RESULTS
Wigtown Show ​9th July 2017 RESULTS
Kirriemuir Show 15th July 2017 RESULTS
Heriot Fun Day 16th July 2017



BDS Scottish Show 29th July 2017 RESULTS
Turriff Show 30th July 2017 RESULTS
Perth Show 5th August 2017 RESULTS
Peebles Show 12th August 2017 RESULTS
Dumfries & Galloway Area Show 20th August 2017  
BDS Central Area Show 10th September 2017 RESULTS


Show Results 2016

Driving Extravaganza  10th April 2016 Results
Ingleston Grand Slam  16th April 2016 Results
Dundonald Show  30th April 2016 Results
SWPCA Hi Jinks Show  1st May 2016 Results
Ayr Show 13th May 2016 Results
Carriages at the Castle 21st- 22nd May 2016 Results
BDS Lothian & Borders Area Show, Hopetoun House 27th May 2016 Results
BDS Central Scotland Area Show, Inchcoonans 5th June 2016 Results
Largs Show 14th June 2016 Results
Royal Highland Show 25th June 2016 Results
Doune & Dumblane Show 2nd July 2016 Results
Wigtown Show 10th July 2016 Results
Kirriemuir Show 16th July 2016 Results
BDS Scottish Show 30th July 2016 Results    Photos.
Turriff Show 31st July 2016 Results
Perth Show 6th August 2016 Results
Peebles Show 13th August 2016 Results
Dumfries & Galloway Area Show 21st August 2016 Results
Langholm Show 25th September 2016  


Show Results 2015

 25th April 2015  Dundonald Show Results
 3rd May 2015  SWPCA High Jinks Show Results
 8th May 2015  Ayr Show Results
 23rd May 2015  Fife Show Results   Photos
30th May 2015 BDS Lothian & Borders Area Show, Hopetoun House Results
 7th June 2015  BDS Central Scotland Area Show, Inchcoonans Results
13th June 2015  Largs Show Results
 20th June 2015  Royal Highland Show Results
  4th July 2015  Doune and Dunblane Show Results
 12th July 2015  Wigtown Area Show Results
 18th July 2015  Kirriemuir Show Show Cancelled
 25th July 2015  BDS Scottish Show Results
 1st August 2015  Perth Show Results
 2nd August 2015  Turriff Show Results
 23rd August 2015  Dumfries & Galloway Area Show Results
 26th September 2015  Langholm Show  
 4th October  2015  Fun Day at ISEC Results



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